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Christmas Conspiracy 2008 – Follow up – Pt. 1


I wanted to give you all an update as to what is happenning with our Christmas Conspiracy 2008.  For those of you who do not know, this past month of December we challenged our church family to spend less and love more – to cut back on buying Christmas presents, to cut back on allowing Christmas to be more about greed and materialism than it is about the birth of Christ – God’s love coming to earth in human form.  We challenged people to re-route some of what they would typically spend buying Christmas presents and use that money to help ” the least of these” in Jesus’ name. Jesus told us that “…  When you do this for the least of these (those who are suffering, hurting, starving, in need, etc.) you are doing it for Me.”

So, this month of December we were collecting money to assist in helping the least of these on the island of Panglau, the town of Bohol, in the Philippines. This is an area of the world where people do not have enough food, clothes, formula for babies, education, where they lack Medical Care for the people and pregnant women, and lack the immunizations needed to keep kids from catching malaria and other diseases and dying. In this area of the world we are building a medical center, & public restrooms (which most do not have even in the shacks they live in). We are also providing feeding and immunization programs for the people there.

I am pleased to announce that our Christmas Conspiracy 2008 raised $16,610! GO GOD & Go Eagle Pointe!  For the town of Bohol, this is literally like somebody winning the lottery here and using all of the money to benefit their area. This is also an incredible opportunity for the cause of Christ.  By us teaming up with Sovereign Grace Church there in the Philippines we are equipping and empowering this small church to meet physical needs in the name of Jesus Christ.  And by doing so, the doors are thrown wide open to begin meeting spiritual needs as well.

Next Wednesday night January 21 at SUMMIT I will share with you all the “Game Plan” of how we will use this money over the course of the next year there in the Philippines.  I look forward to seeing you this weekend and I look forward to seeing you at SUMMIT.


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