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Surfing the Tsunami!!! (Part 1)


God is just showing off now! For the last few weeks our Family Life pastor Aaron and I have been looking at each other & saying “Wow!” & “Oh my!”.  Our church has grown by 50% in the last 2 1/2 months.  That’s practically unheard of!  That’s New Testament stuff right there! And it doesn’t show any signs of letting up – if anything – this ride appears to be speeding up – “Go God!!!” What God is doing here at Eagle Pointe is so special, so rare, and so big that there’s not a doubt in any of our minds as to Who is doing this.  I believe that God is blessing our hearts, motivations, focus, and hard work in a huge way – & I am very grateful for that.


However, with these blessings comes a lot of things that we have to figure out.  How can we be good stewards of the people/souls that God is entrusting to us?  How do we structure our church and ministries to handle what God is doing here?  Not just how do we handle what happened last Sunday – but how do we handle this movement of God a year or two or three from now? 


But there’s also immediate concerns – how do we get our new entryway and lobby done fast enough to handle the crowds. How fast can we expand our worship area? What’s the right way to expand? What can we afford to do?  Will we have to go to a 3rd service before we are able to expand? (Not what “I” would prefer – but highly likely) What can we do & how fast can we do it? There’s probably 42 questions along these lines that need to be answered.


When do we launch our 1st satellite campus? What’s the best way to do it? Where? What staff will we need & how soon will we need them? How can our Lay Ministers handle all of this?  How can we raise up more Lay Ministers quickly?  Who among us is already ready to step up? How do we help our people to spiritually, mentaly, & emotionally handle all of these changes and the speed in which God is doing it? How do we help people understand that the vast majority of Christians will go their entire lives without God ever allowing them to be a part of anything remotely close to what He is doing here?


As I hope you can see – it is a lot to figure out – and it makes my head hurt 😉 But as my buddy Tim Meade says – “These are high class problems!” As opposed to a couple of years ago when we were on our knees praying for God to keep the doors of our church open another month.


I share all of this with you to help you, as my church family, see the challenges that are before us.  As the lead pastor I grasp and feel the weight and responsibility that comes with God blessing in this way – which is why I am currently fasting and praying for God’s wisdom and guidance.  Please pray for me during this time and join me in praying for God to show us the way.


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  1. Richard

    These are great problems to have and solve, especially in these cultural and economic times.It is my thought that the membership will get behind what they fully understand. By that I mean a realization of what all this is going to take in volunteerism, money, and the right attitude. Not just the big picture, but also a lot of the details like budgets, plans, and timelines. I mean all this in a positive way, as we fully know what is in store, we can better prepare ourselves prayerfully and financially..

    February 12, 2009 at 11:01 pm

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