Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

Reflections from the last 2 weeks…


§ We wrapped up our “I Was Broke – Now I’m Not” series yesterday… and I will have to say that money is the most tense issue a pastor can teach/preach on. Thank you Aaron Gable & Joe Sangl for tackling this issue in such a great, challenging, & Biblical way.

§  BTW… I LOVE tension!  If there is no tension in the room then that means there is no conviction there either!

§  ALSO… the only people who get angry when a pastor teaches on money are those who are wrestling with idolatry in their hearts!  What you affirm OR complain about says a lot about who or where you really are!

§  My passion for every person who attends Eagle Pointe Church is that we will all put God first in our finances and then get out of debt!  Doing those two things provide an incredible amount of freedom!

§  The reason that MOST people are in financial bondage isn’t because we don’t have enough… but rather because we lack the discipline to manage what God has blessed us with!

§  I love serving at a church that believes in putting God first… the giving over the past few months at Eagle Pointe Church has increased, not decreased… God is amazing!

§  When people are willing to pray… and serve… and give… a church literally becomes the Unstoppable Force that Jesus intends for it to be!  Thank you Eagle Pointe… keep stepping up and let’s continue to have our minds BLOWN by God!

§  A bailout will occur when our bondage to “bling” (new shiny things) is broken!  Instead of focusing on what we want – we should thank God for what we already have!

§  Let’s not insult God by saying that our economy is bad… it is not as good as it has been… but probably everyone reading this is NOT in danger of starving to death!

§  Matthew 6:21 = hard to argue with, especially since JESUS said it!

§  Matthew 6:24 = got to make a choice!  (BTW… the choice has been made according to the above verse… to see who you serve just take a look at your checkbook!)

§  I’ve NEVER seen anyone who applied biblical teaching to their finances struggle!

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS COMING SUNDAY!!! (2 weeks without teaching & I’m like a golf ball in a tile bathroom 😉 Plus this Sunday I’m sharing “Eagle Pointe Vision 2009” – I’m chomping at the bit to share with you what God has been sharing with me over the last 2 months of praying & fasting – about where He is leading our church!


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