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Eagle Pointe Vision 2009 – Be there!!!


I cannot wait for this Sunday at Eagle Pointe Church!  After two weeks of not teaching I am going through withdrawals.  I have been praying & fasting for a few months now trying to better understand where exactly is God leading our church.  Much like Jacob wrestling with the angel in the Old Testament – I have been wrestling with God through a great deal of prayer & fasting trying to catch a glimpse of what it is that He is up to. Well, I’m pleased to report that in the last couple of weeks that picture has been becoming much, much clearer.

This Sunday at Eagle Pointe Church I will be sharing and a very bold and challenging vision for our church’s future that God has given me.  I’ll be honest, this will scare some, challenge everyone, and I believe that most will be pretty fired up about it.  We’re calling this Sunday “E.P.C. Vision 2009“.

And here is my challenge to each of you…

·         No matter what – DO NOT MISS “E.P.C. Vision 2009” this Sunday 3/15 @ 9:30 & 11:00AM!!!  Every single person who calls Eagle Pointe their church home needs to be there and hear firsthand where God is leading our church.


·         Go flat out nuts inviting people to this Sunday at Eagle Pointe Church .  If there’s one Sunday this year that you need to invite people and have them really understand who we are and where we’re going as a church – THIS IS IT!!!


·         PRAY! Pray that God would move in a huge way this Sunday & open each of our hearts and minds to embrace what it is that He is calling us to do.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SUNDAY – I look forward to seeing you there!


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