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We’re Shaking Things Up – 3 New Worship Experiences

Well, let me start off by saying that I’m still in shock from last Sunday at Eagle Pointe!  God just continues to blow me away!  The number of people He is bringing to our church is amazing.  So many of these people have never been to church or have not been in many years because of a bad experience or they didn’t see the relevance of it.  Not only are they coming, but they are committing their lives to Christ and getting involved in life groups and ministry teams. GO GOD!!!  Last Sunday we had our highest attendance next to this past Christmas eve.  Again, God just keeps blowing me away – He is awesome!

Our Eagle Pointe church family just keeps blowing away as well.  It is incredible to see a group of people who are so passionate about the cause of Christ.  Their willingness to think outside of the box, trying new things, experiment, do whatever takes, give sacrificially of their time, energy, talents, and resources is truly an inspiration for me. AND THEN – I was speechless (definitely a rarity) and in tears (not so rare) when a motorcycle was driven into the church at the end of second service last Sunday and presented to me as a gift.  For those of you don’t know – I’ve had motorcycles for many years.  During our 2 1/2 year battle trying to adopt our daughter Emma, I had to sell my motorcycle to keep funding that adoption.  I have said for quite some time that it was a small price to pay and that maybe someday God would bless me with another one.  Well, He did that this past Sunday through the love and generosity of our Eagle Pointe church family. YOU ALL ROCK!!! Thank you!

NOW – speaking of God doing big things around here – we’re running out of room (big time) in our two Sunday morning worship experiences.  So, on Sunday, April 5 we are launching our third worship experience.  We are really wrestled and prayed long and hard about when to do this third service.  We talked with many people and surveyed our church family.  The survey was useless!  We offered four times on Sunday and two times on Saturday and all of the options were within two or three percentage points of each other.  I was becoming frustrated with God (it’s OK – we have that kind of relationship) because the “answer” was not glaringly obvious.  Then He reminded me that He has blessed each of us with brains and common sense.

Then it became clear!  We needed a third service time but we did not need to stretch our volunteers to the point they would burn out.  We also want all of our people to be able to serve 1 hour and attend worship during another hour.  I really believe that at some point in the near future we will be offering Saturday night services – but right now we cannot do that and accomplish the above objectives.  So, we will do three Sunday morning services – but we did not to make our volunteers to have to get here too early or be here too late on Sundays.  I also believe that in a family if one person has to make a change – everybody should have to make a change (family, team, we’re all in this together kind of thing).

So, we’re changing our two existing worship times as well as adding a third!  Now, this past Sunday during “Vision 2009” I said that our new worship times would be at 8:45, 10:00, & 11:30 am – however, it has become clear to us that with human and vehicle traffic issues allowing only 15 minutes between the first and second service was not enough. SO – on Monday we decided that our 3 New Worship Experiences at Eagle Pointe Church would be on Sundays @ 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30.  Originally I thought 8:45 just didn’t sound as early as 8:30 – but it’s just not practical.

So, there you have it – & I really cannot wait for Sunday April 5th!!! I also look forward to seeing you this Sunday for the kick-off of our “Faith – the Adventure” teaching series.


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