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3 Services, New Billboard, Easter…

Man! We’ve got a lot going on around here at Eagle Pointe Church! The last couple of weeks I have felt like that proverbial hamster running on that “spinning thing” (technical term there). Well, we’re still fighting the good fight trying to get our new entrance & lobby built (a source of high blood pressure for me lately) – but Jesus did promise us that we would have problems in this life – yeah! But finally this week several other things we’ve been working on really started to come together.

3 Services – Wow, I had forgotten how much there is to do when you add another service time or change service times (and we did both). Every sign, paper, banner, etc that had times on it must change. However, we are really excited about kicking off 3 new worship experiences this Sunday 4/5 @ 8:30, 10:00, & 11:30am. Hopefully not, but with Cobb County spring break starting this weekend, there’s a chance this will be an off Sunday attendance wise. We knew this when we decided to kick off 3 services this weekend. We also knew that having a practice run through the Sunday before Easter Sunday was definitely going to be needed. I hope to see you here this Sunday for the kick-off!

New Billboard – Have you seen it yet?  While I was very attached to our first billboard, after almost five months, and with us having to change service times on it anyways, we figured it was time for change.  We also want to go through a process of “branding” here at Eagle Pointe.  We want people to see our billboard, then drive past our church and see a banner out front that matches the billboard, and then when they go to our website – and it all looks the same.  We’re using the tag line “We’ll change the way you think about church” on everything.  This pretty accurately describes the experience that a lot of people have when coming to Eagle Pointe church.  So, please join us in praying that God will use our new billboard, banner, & website in a huge way.  Use them as a discussion starter to help you in inviting people to Eagle Pointe.

Easter Sunday – We had 500 people attend on Christmas Eve – and we’re praying for even more on Easter Sunday.  We have an incredible opportunity with Easter Sunday to reach a whole bunch of people for Jesus Christ.  Let’s get after it!  Let’s go nuts inviting every person God brings across a path in the next 1 1/2 weeks to join us on Easter Sunday.  Make excuses to go places where you can run into people to invite.  We will have invite cards available for you to use this Sunday at Eagle Pointe. PLEASE the sure to take part in our “18,000 minutes of prayer” (see last week’s blog).  Please join us in praying for God to do the miraculous this Easter Sunday – but as always we have to do our part – we have to give God some actions that He can bless – we have to get busy inviting!

Thanks for being on this adventure with me – I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.


2 responses

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    April 1, 2009 at 8:28 pm

  2. Tim

    Interestingly, regarding our banners that would ensure branding of our church, my wife had a member from another church inquire about our banners and who designs them and prints them for us. He asked her about it once she let him know that it was her church that offered the snazzy billboard on 41. He told her that with every series Eagle Pointe offers, he notices the banner change that goes along with it. He and other members of their church came to a conclusion that as nice as their lit Church Sign is ( with running words, series themes, and service times) after a while it seems people haven gotten used to the structure and aren’t paying attention to it anymore when driving by…even when making changes to the digital writing every week.

    This was very interesting, indirect positive feedback on how effective our banners are. In the scheme of uniqueness where our church is concerned, I’m so proud how God uses this place to creatively invite people who simple just don’t do church. I thought this a fun share and may God keep us steadfast in the frenzy that is to come….wohoooo!

    Go Howard, Go Eagle Pointe, and Go God!

    April 2, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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