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Easter Weekend is almost here!!!

Wow!  Easter Sunday is only 4 days away – & I can’t wait!  We have been working very hard to prepare for you and all the people you are going to bring for Easter weekend here at Eagle Pointe Church.

We kick-off Easter weekend with one of my favorite things that we do all year – our Good Friday Communion Service (Summit).  This is an intense time of worship, reflection, prayer, communion/Lord’s Supper, & remembering God’s love and ultimate sacrifice for each of us.  If you have been to our Good Friday Service before – I know you’re going to be here.  If you have not been before – you really need to find a way to be here.  It starts at 7:00 PM this Friday here at church.

Then we have an amazing worship experience planned on Easter Sunday @ 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 AM.  As many of you have heard me say before, Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday are the two times a year when people who would not otherwise darken the doorway of a church are pretty likely to come.  Studies show us that most people who do not attend church would be willing to “give it a try” if somebody they know invited them.  So, let me challenge you to “go nuts” this week looking for opportunities to invite people to the Easter Sunday @ Eagle Pointe.

We have sent out “e-mail invites” that you can use to invite others.  We also have lots of invite cards available here at the church.  I encourage you to invite everyone you know and to “make excuses” to have to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or anywhere else that you’re going to run into people that you can invite. Pray – pray – pray – for God to give you opportunities to invite and to use you to get people to Eagle Pointe church on Easter Sunday.

I will be delivering a message that I’m calling “Real Freedom“. I’ll be talking about how Easter is all about “The Better Life” that God wants each of us to live and intended for us to live from the very beginning, and how it is about “Real Freedom” from the things that we get so caught up with and bound up with in this life.  You really need to do everything you can to get your “not-yet-Christian” friends here to Eagle Pointe on Easter Sunday.  I will explain the message/gospel/good news of Jesus Christ in terms that anybody & everybody can get a hold of & understand.

I’m asking you to join me in praying, fasting, inviting, whatever it takes… – to pack all 3 services here at Eagle Pointe church on Easter Sunday.  Let’s do our part – and then watch God show up and do His part!  God bless you all & I cannot wait to see you this weekend!


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