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Heading to Miami

I’m leaving on Monday for Miami!!! For those of you who do not know, this is where I grew up. I will get to catch up with some old friends, but the main reason for the trip is planning for future ministry opportunities. I will be meeting with some friends of mine in some great churches who are doing multi-site churches, satellite campuses, whatever you want to call them.

I am a big advocate for not having to learn everything the hard way. I would much rather learn from others as to what they have experienced, have seen work successfully & what didn’t work. So, I will be meeting with these people to learn as much as I possibly can.

The other purpose for this trip is – Christmas Conspiracy 2009! As many of you know I have been praying for some time now as to where God wants us to get involved with this year.  Our work over in the Philippines has been a tremendous success – we have rebuilt & expanded a medical center, built public restrooms in an area where people don’t even have restrooms in their homes, and are sponsoring weekly feeding & immunization programs for families there. GO GOD & Go Eagle Pointe – you all rock! 

As I have shared with many of you before – the work in the Philippines is going great – but it is cost prohibitive for us to be able to send people from our church halfway around the world.  So, I have been praying for a ministry/Christmas conspiracy opportunity here in our hemisphere. I have talked with many great churches & ministries in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and elsewhere.  However, as I keep praying about these ministries nothing inside me said, “Yeah! That’s it!” – which is the way God usually confirms things to me.

So I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed and I’ve prayed – and each time I prayed I found myself thinking about Cuba. Cuba!  Communist Cuba!  I called several friends back in South Florida to see if they knew any connections that might be able to get us into Cuba.  As I talked with a good friend of mine at my old church in Ft Lauderdale – I told him about our Christmas conspiracy and everything that I had been praying about.  There was a long pause on the other end of the phone line – then my friend said, “Howard, you’re not going to believe it – 4 days ago we received an invitation from the Cuban government to come into the country to do humanitarian work.” GO GOD!!!

It appears as though God has opened the door.  So, while I am in Miami this week I will be meeting with people to plan out a trip this summer, and to find out everything that has to be done beforehand.  Please join me in praying that God will keep this door open – that God will give us favor with the Cuban government – and that we will be able to team up with local churches in Cuba to do ministry.

By the way – Christian churches in Cuba have to keep a fairly low profile, & only a handful of times in the last 40 years has the Cuban government allowed Christian churches from elsewhere to come into that country.  So please join me in praying!  If this works out – it is truly a God thing!!!


2 responses

  1. Joe Brown

    Howard this sounds like an excellent opportunity.
    I want to share something with your readers and ask for their prayers. Since I was a kid in high school I had always felt a calling to be a soldier. I spent 15 years in the Military for love of my country but eventually recognized that it was no way to raise a family. It was a very humbling experience to travel the world and see the conditions that others have to endure.
    Today many of my friends board a plane to Afghanistan to be separated from everything they know and everyone they love for the next 12 months. I don’t think anyone, my family especially, can know how much I suffer not being able to join them but I know that I can’t be that person anymore. I’m at peace with my role in this world but ask that everyone pay for their safe return. It is a bit selfish I know but to ask God not to take any of them just yet but I’ve lost three friends to war and do not want to attend anymore funerals.

    April 21, 2009 at 7:11 pm

  2. Janet Moreno De Moran

    Hello Pastor Howard- Since Aug 2007 I have been attending Northwest Christian Church, and since we moved our services to Frey Elementary then Acworth/Dallas Hwy, I always pass your church. I have always wanted to attend your church-, unfortunately my daughter (15) has always stopped me because both her and I were baptized in NWCC and she felt so comfortable there and lets face it, if she is happy then I will sacrifice as long as she is in God’s house.

    Recently however, we have not been attending regularly because NWCC is getting so big, and cliques are starting and she just doesn’t feel at home with her group anymore, so I thought this would be my opportunity to check ya’ll out. And, to be honest I was still a bit on the fence, however, today as many days, I started checking out your church online again ,I have prayed to God that he would direct me to a new church that is neither too big or too small , today I believe God has shown me that your church might be the one because -1st: I LOVE your community help, I agree that church doesn’t always have to be surrounded by 4 walls and that it’s really the people outside the church that need our help-2nd- I was surprise that you will be going to Cuba, this must be a sign from God as my parents are from Cuba and came here in the early 60’s. And my deepest desire is to go to Cuba one day in the future and help the people who through no fault of their own suffer so much.

    So, God willing, we will be at Eagle Pointe church this Sunday at the 11am service.

    Your sister in Christ-
    Janet Moreno De Moran

    May 19, 2009 at 8:01 pm

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