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It looks like we’re going to Cuba

I had an amazing trip to South Florida!  It definitely was not a vacation – but I did get to spend a little bit of time at the beach and catch up with some old friends.  As I wrote in my last blog posting – the purpose of this trip was to meet that some people who are doing multi-site churches and learn from their successes and failures.  I do not believe in having to learn everything the hard way myself.  

On that front – the trip was very successful & my eyes were opened to a lot of what is working, and not working, in other places.  As most of you know, we’re planning to start another campus within the next year.  So, between now and then I want to learn as much as I possibly can from others – so that we can be as successful as we possibly can be.

The other purpose of the trip was – Cuba! (see previous blog posting) On this front – the trip was incredibly successful.  God was doing His thing!  It appears that we will definitely be going to Cuba this summer & that Cuba will be our Christmas Conspiracy 09.  Please join us in praying for God to continue knocking down the barriers to allow us to get into Cuba.  We are working on paperwork and with our U.S. government to allow us to travel to and from Cuba over this next year.

What an amazing opportunity to be able to do ministry in a country where God has not been very welcome in over 50 years! GO GOD & Go Eagle Pointe!

BTW: Do not miss this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe!  I will be wrapping up our “Faith – The Adventure” teaching series with a message that EVERYBODY needs to hear. “How To Keep On Believing – (while you’re waiting on God)” I look forward to seeing you this weekend.


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