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What Happened to JAM WEEK???

For the past 4 years has done an amazing event called Jam Week.  I affectionately refer to Jam Week as a vacation bible school on steroids.  It has been a weeklong, over the top, blowout for kids in our church and in our community – 5 nights of worship, music, dancing, dramas, characters in costume, games, activities, crafts, and bible lessons.  We have, in a great way, gone overboard in set building and transforming our church building into a big under the sea experience, Peter Pan’s Never Never land complete with a giant pirate ship, Metropolis cityscape for superheroes, and other themes.

Each year has been amazing – seeing so many kids coming, having a great time, and learning about God’s love – and seeing so many adults & teens giving generously of their time, talents, & energy to pull off this event.

However, this summer we are not having a Jam Week and there are several reasons for this. 1st – our Children’s Ministry leader, Terry Denton,  is taking a well deserved and much needed break. Personally she had a very trying last few years and through it all she kept on serving, kept on leading, and kept on loving the children God brought to Eagle Pointe Church. About 2 months ago she asked me if she could take a break from leading our Children’s Ministry – I told her that it was about time. I told her to take as long as she needed to get healthy and recharged and to just let me know whenever she was ready to jump back in. She has been the driving force behind Jam Week for each of the past 4 summers. So, not having her to lead was one factor in us not having Jam Week this summer.

Another reason, and we were actually discussing this before Terry took her sabbatical, is that with our church adding a 3rd service on Sunday mornings, we were already asking a lot of our amazing volunteers here at Eagle Pointe. We knew we were already stretching our volunteers a great deal in pulling off 3 services and were leary of now asking them to put in countless hours pulling off a Jam Week.

So, the decision was made – to not have Jam Week this year. We decided not to burnout an already overworked volunteer army. I will tell you that my daughter Brianna was the least pleased of all with this decision. Daddy got an earful on that one. She has practically grown up with Jam Week, loves it, and looks forward to it all year long. But I told her, as I am telling you, we have every intention of doing Jam Week next year when we have more time, more planning, more resources, and more people to work with.


2 responses

  1. Petra Wilcox

    then it’s going to be just a big break for all of us! we can always do extra next year.

    June 16, 2009 at 11:10 pm

  2. Charlie Rickman

    Terry Denton has the charisma of an Angel riding a beautiful stallion when it comes to getting children’s full attention. Our children, Samuel and Sarah would come out of Terry’s Sunday morning classes with smiles on their faces and information flowing out of their mouths about what they learned in church today! Amazing… Jam week last year was their first experience of group activity at Eagle Point and actually in America. What an experience it was for them.

    I agree with Petra Wilcox – We can ALL do extra to help Ms. Terry out next year.

    Charlie and Brandie Rickman

    June 18, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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