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Eagle Pointe – Sandblast 2009 – High School Summer Camp

If you are the parent of a High School student, or even if you know some High School students, I strongly encourage you to do everything you can to make sure that your son/daughter attends Sandblast 2009 this year. Sandblast 2009 is our church’s High School summer camp. It is a very fun and exciting camp on the beach in Panama City, FL & I guarantee that the teens will have a blast. While church each week is awesome – it is at these types of events, which take place away from church, that real relationships will be developed. Having been a student pastor for many years – I really believe that students will build more relationships in one week of summer camp than they will in 4 months of Sundays and/or Wednesdays.

I have also had countless experiences where a kid or teen, for some reason, did not want to go to camp on the front end – but by day 2 of camp are very glad they came. I’ve never had a kid or teen tell that they wish they wouldn’t have gone at the end of camp. Please – please – make every effort to see that your student joins us for this amazing camp. Both you and they will be glad you did!

Along with wanting your student to have a great time and grow spiritually, I also want to help them reach out to their friends, and help all of us save some money. So as an incentive they can earn $25 towards the cost of camp if one or more of their friends joins us.  The cost of camp would be $25/per student they bring less for them and $25 less for their friends.

Please contact our church office (770) 421-1643 right away to get your high School student signed up. In fact, here is a video of last year’s Sandblast to help you see what it’s like…


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