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City of Refuge/Back-2-School Bash

What an amazing time we had last Tuesday at the City of Refuge. For those of you who don’t know, the City of Refuge is an amazing homeless shelter/ministry which works with homeless women & kids. It is more of a large scale transitional home which houses about 200 women & kids. They have job training, assistance programs, a preschool on site, and help these families get back on their feet. We worked with them on our last Faith in Action Sunday and again this past Tuesday night when we did a large cookout & concert for the 200 women & kids of the center.

We asked about returning and doing this again in August, they let us know that they were already doing a Back-2-School Bash on Sat. Aug. 1st, and wanted to know if we could come down again on that day. We agreed and are now teaming up with the folks of City of Refuge again on Sat. Aug. 1st. Then we found out that not only is this just for the residents of the center, but that they are also opening this up to the people in the surrounding neighborhoods, which is a very impoverished part of Atlanta. So, we will do a very big cookout and feed about 400 – 500 people. Our worship band will be doing a concert, there will be inflatables for the kids, and we’ll be handing out backpacks and school supplies as well.

This will be a very large undertaking! We already have people trying to get donations to help with the cost of the food and school supplies. If you can help with this please contact office@eaglepointe.org right away as Aug. 1st is less than 2 weeks away. We will also be collecting school supplies between now and then if you would like to donate. We have a collection station in the lobby of our church preschool.

We will also need a whole lot of people to help the day of this event! We’ll need help loading and transporting sound equipment, food, grills, and cooking gear. We’ll need help setting up sound equipment, food, grills, tables, and cooking gear. We’ll need help during the event serving food, handling the crowds, playing with the kids, and sitting and talking with homeless moms and others who may come. Then we’ll need lots of help tearing everything down, transporting it back to the church, and getting everything in place for church services the next day. Again, if you can help with this please email office@eaglepointe.org right away.

I am looking forward to another amazing day of helping those in need; demonstrating the love of Jesus in real, practicle, and tangible ways; and letting these people, who have been forgotten by most of our society, know that there are people who love and care about them. I hope to see you at the City of Refuge on Sat. Aug. 1st. www.EaglePointe.org

Here is also a video from our last time we were at the City of Refuge…


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