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Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday!!! (Part 1)

Football season is almost upon us! Can you feel it? Recently I found myself thinking about the time, energy, money, & passion that our country pours into their football obsession. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy football. However, as I observe our media, society, & culture’s fanatacism with all things football – I can’t help but think something is terribly wrong. Especially when Christians are blowing off church & ministry because it conflicts with football. (but I’ll save that rant for part 2 or 3)

In light of all these other thoughts – I found myself thinking about the importance of  Sunday or Weekend Worship Services. It dawned on me that professional football teams (BTW: I’m a big college football fan – Go Canes!) spend countless hours of preperation, practice, & game days trying to make it to the Super Bowl. And for those 2 teams who after a long, grueling season have made it to the big game – it’s all or nothing! 60 minutes to leave everything they’ve got on the field – because only 1 team is going home with the trophy. No matter what their regular season record was or how many records they broke during the regular season – none of that matters! All that matters are those 60 minutes on the field!

Hmmm – sounds a lot like the reality of Sunday or Weekend Worship Services (we’ll just call it “Sunday” for the sake of this blog). Sadly too many Churches & Christians just don’t grasp the importance of Sunday! Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! In a church like ours where 60+% of the people had never been to church or hadn’t been since they were teens before coming here – in a community where 90% of the people do not attend church regularly – Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! We’ve got 60 minutes to leave it all on the field!

With churches it isn’t a stinkin’ trophy that’s up for grabs – it’s people’s eternities! The reality in a church like ours is that most “guests/visitors” are “giving church a try” for the first time ever or in years. There is a very good chance that if they don’t connect, see the relevance, experience something that impacts them – they are going to leave & say – “Well, I tried church once & it didn’t work for me” & hang their hat on that for the rest of their lives. We can’t let that happen!

We as Christians/Churches have to give it all we’ve got – do whatever it takes – leave it all on the field – as @stevenfurtick says ‘burn it to the ground’ – every stinkin’ Sunday! We have to nail it every Sunday. How well our services go (music, video, drama, message) – how well we greet people & make them feel welcomed, accepted, & appreciated – how well we love on their kids & teens in those 60 minutes may be the deciding factor as to where that person spends eternity. We’ve got to leave it all on the field!

I’ll share more about this next week – but let me leave you with this one last thought… There ain’t no football players who have made it to the big dance who are calling in sick, going on vacations, or sleeping in late & missing Super Bowl Sunday! I think when we as Christians/Churches finally grasp just how important Sunday is – we’ll finally see our commitment, dedication, preperation, & performance – where God wants & deserves it to be.


One response

  1. Charlie Rickman

    Thank you Pastor Howard !

    Your encouragement always serves as inspiration for me.
    Thank you for the Awesome lessons God gives us through you.


    August 24, 2009 at 11:34 am

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