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Anyone Want Some Falcons/Dolphins Football Tickets???

Okay – this Sunday Sept. 13th @ Eagle Pointe we are giving away 2 tickets & a parking pass to the Atlanta Falcons/Miami Dolphins football game @ the Georgia Dome. BUT —— there is a catch! (surprise, surprise, surprise) We are only giving these away during our 8:30AM service!!! That’s right – you have to get up & go to our 8:30AM service to have a shot at winning the tickets.

We’re doing this as a fun way of encouraging people to move to our 8:30AM service because our 10:00 & 11:30AM services are getting pretty crowded. We need to make room for all the new people God is bringing through our doors & most new people come to the later services. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this on Sunday – so don’t miss it! Also, I encourage you to use this as an excuse to invite people this Sunday to Eagle Pointe. Tell them about our crazy (in a good way) church, football tickets giveaway, our “Church: the Next Generation” series, & Star Trek set – and get them here this Sunday.

FYI: for those wondering how will the giveaway work —— we’ll take up communication cards during the 8:30AM service & at the end of the service will have a drawing & present the tickets to the winner. You’ll have plenty of time to make the 1:00PM kickoff.

It’s going to be a lot of fun & I can’t wait to see you @ Eagle Pointe this Sunday!!!


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