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“God – Love – Sex” is Almost Here!!!

Do you know anyone, including yourself, who couldn’t use some help in the area of relationships? I think not! We all need help because, at different times and at different levels, we all struggle in the love relationships in our lives. We’ve ALL grown up being bombarded with so many confusing messages as to what love is, how love functions, and how to experience love that lasts a lifetime. TV, movies, music, magazines, and what other people have told us has left us with so many more questions than we have answers.

Also, there’s a lot of confusion about sex! Many of us grew up in churches and homes where relationships & sex were never talked about. We were never told about God’s design & plan for sex. We’ve been left to figure this out on our own with the assistance of all the warped & distorted messages we get from our media & society. OR – we’ve been told things that are not true relating to God, Love, & Sex. We were never told that God intended sex to be this amazing & wonderful thing.

Well, starting this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe Church we’re going to begin to clear up the confusion and misconceptions. We’re kicking off a new teaching series called “God – Love – Sex” – where we’re going to have a very open, honest, and blunt talk about Love, Relationships, Dating, Marriage, & Sex. BTW: Parents – some material may be inappropriate for younger audiences – parental discretion is advised.

I will kick-off this exciting teaching series this Sunday 9/27 @ 8:3010:00, & 11:30AM with a message I’m calling “What Is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me! Whether you’re married, single, or struggling in a relationship, we all have questions about God, Love, and Sex. Join us & get real life answers for real life relationships. Don’t miss it & invite everyone you know!

PS. Please care enough about your friends, relatives, neighbors, & co-workers  to do whatever it takes to get them to Eagle Pointe this Sunday. Personally invite them, make those phone calls, send those emails, forward our email invites, post the promo video on your Facebook, etc. You can go to my Facebook page or the Eagle Pointe Facebook page to access videos, etc.

I can’t wait to see you & the people you bring with you to Eagle Pointe this Sunday. I also cannot wait to see what God is going to do through this series if we will each do our part!


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