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Flood Relief – NW Atlanta 2009

We just went through a very challenging time with all the rain & flooding we experienced in the NW Atlanta area. The flooding has left 10,000 homes devastated – thousands are homeless & have lost everything. Thousands more have had their homes suffer a lot of damage from the flooding, and are now fighting to clean up their homes before mildew and other factors cause health concerns in their homes.

As many of you know a BIG part of the heartbeat of Eagle Pointe Church is getting outside the walls of our church building and helping people in our community, area, and around the world. It is incredible to see how the people of Eagle Pointe, once again, are responding during a time like this. As the rain was still coming down we had people calling the church to see where they could help. We had people who dropped everything & came to deal with the flooding of our church bldg. We were sending people out to a lot of homes of church members who experienced flooding. Pumping water out of homes & basements – moving furniture – pulling up carpet – the works…

When we were running short of people to help with so many homes – I just started calling many of you – saying we needed people to help here & help there. And every time I made a phone call – sometimes 9PM at night – the response on the other end of the line was – “Yeah I’m there – just tell me what you need.” You all are amazing! Every time there is a big need & people need help – you all are ready to jump in & do whatever it takes! But that’s just how we roll as a church – right?

I love how much this church gets the idea of helping & serving others – how much you all get the idea of meeting real, practical, & tangible needs in the name of Jesus & how by doing so the door is then opened to be able to meet spiritual needs. That is the heart behind so much of what we do as a church.

Local mission work at homeless shelters, children’s homes, nursing homes, F.I.A. Sunday, Christmas Conspiracy, Philippines… Well, now that we’ve helped out all the families in our church who were affected by the flooding – it is time to focus outward.

We are teaming up with an incredible organization called Samaritan’s Purse – they are a Christian Humanitarian Aid & Relief Organization – they do incredible work all over the world. They are now here in our area helping with flood victims. Rather than us trying to coordinate relief efforts – we’d rather team up with people who really know how to do this. This is so much bigger than helping fix up a few homes. We’re also teaming up with other area churches – providing supplies & people – & letting Samaritan’s Purse coordinate the efforts.

So, we are asking YOU to help us by… Collecting diapers – baby wipes – cleaning supplies – shoes – non-perishable food – & bottled water —– you can just start dropping those off here at the church – and/or bring them with you this Sunday to church.

We are also asking our Life Groups & individuals to contact Samaritan’s Purse 678.202.5974 or disasterresponse3@samaritan.org & go volunteer. GO & help these 1000’s of people who are suffering & have lost everything – let’s GO & BE the church God has called us to be!

Also, get on my Facebook page – or follow me on Twitter – & I’ll be updating as we find out more info about how we can help…


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