Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

EPC – Weekend Reflex – 10/12/09

Here are my reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • I love it when God is just showing off & doing His thing!
  • What an amazing weekend we just had at Eagle Pointe!
  • The feedback we’ve already received from my “Let’s talk about Sex Baby!” message on Sunday has been off the charts.
  • We certainly rattled some cages & blew up what so many have grown up believing about God’s view & plan for sex.
  • I don’t know of any other churches that would have had a guy in drag rapping.
  • If you missed this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe – check it out @ http://www.vimeo.com/7017005
  • I’m praying for so many of you who made commitments & took up our Sex Challenge on Sunday.
  • Man! Our Kid’s ministry was rockin’ on Sunday! I think I’m going to ditch you adults & go hang with the kids 😉 !
  • Thank you Jonathan Napier, Gina Napier, Gina Koepka, Stacy Blalock & SO MANY OTHERS for really taking our Kid’s ministry to a whole new level – YOU ALL ROCK!
  • Thank you Tom Franklin, David Stowers, Rowland Suttles, & others for all your hard work on our new Kid’s Theater (aka: The Warehouse)
  • PLEASE be patient with all the changes in our Kid’s Ministry – we’re working things out & it will be well worth it.
  • PLEASE be patient with our over-crowded hallways – we’re PRAYING something will shake loose very soon & we’ll be able to get our new entrance & lobby underway.
  • Help us by keeping the traffic in the hallways flowing.
  • Hey – growing pains are a great thing!
  • I’d rather experience growing pains, challenges, & changes – rather than be somewhere God wasn’t moving in a big-time way!
  • This coming Sunday’s message is one that everybody needs – “2 Late 2 Apologize?” = how to handle & deal with conflict.
  • Be here & care enough about others you know & their relationships to get them here!

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