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Halloween – Church – What’s the Deal???

Being that we have so many people coming to Eagle Pointe from all different church backgrounds & no church backgrounds – I get asked quite often around this time of year – “What is your’s & the church’s view of Halloween?”  This question comes up a lot especially since our church has a huge pumpkin patch we do as a fundraiser for kid’s & teen ministries. I always love this question because I never know what that person’s view is or how they will respond to my view.

So, here is my attempt at conveying our view of this…

1) Yes – Halloween started out thousands of years ago as a Celtic celebration steeped in witchcraft – but that certainly is not what 99% of people equate it with today. For most, it is an excuse to dress up, be silly, & have fun.

2) Did you know? Christmas started as a Nordic winter solstice celebration steeped in witchcraft as well – but we Christians “hijacked” it and used it to celebrate the birth of Christ. (which most scholars believe was actually around April)

3) I propose we (Christians) hijack Halloween!

4) Many of you know that I am ALL about reaching people who are disconnected from God & helping change the way they think about church – so with that in mind…

5) There is no other day of the year that almost every one of my neighbors are coming to my front door!!! SO – I’m camping out on my front porch with a huge bowl of candy, thermos of coffee for the adults, & invite cards to my church!!! Let the hijacking begin!

6) As for our Pumpkin Patch – besides being a great fundraiser for our Kid’s & Teen ministries – there is nothing our church could possibly do that would bring more people from our community onto our church property & give us the opportunity to meet & chat with them. In fact, we’re doing a big Family Fun Day on Halloween Day – costumes, candy, bounce houses, hay rides, the whole bit! There will be hundreds of people who come to this. Let the hijacking begin!

7) For me – Halloween is a great excuse for me to go pillage & plunder my neighborhood for candy with my kids!

BTW: Just wait until you see my costume I’ll be wearing at our Family Fun Day & Halloween night!

Oh yeah – 1 more thing – Trick or Treat?


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  1. We are safe Pastor from another typhoon hit the island,we have only heavy rain but the eye of the typhoon hit in Luzon area.
    floodaing again in Luzon,we are okey and safe,still my younger brother stillin manila he dont want to leave the area of Luzon
    because of many memorial happenings in his life,
    Pastor thanks so much for all prayer and support,were in hard times,shiloh and daryl still not regular in thier work.
    were praying for them,madelene are in lonely and depressed because of her older sister who are sick and need for kidney transplant. the name of her sister is Ronita Contemplacion.madelene is number one choice to donate kidney because needs to be closer to the petient but madelene is considering many things in life.
    pray for madelene,were in hard time for decission and emotion.
    thanks Pastor

    October 31, 2009 at 3:28 pm

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