Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

EPC – Weekend Reflex – 11-15-09

Here are my reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • What an incredible wrap-up of our “Unstoppable” teaching series yesterday!
  • God was in the House baby! He was moving & doing His thing!
  • “I am surrounded by a bunch of Idiots – our staff is a bunch of Idiots – we are a church full of Idiots – AND I am the Chief Idiot in charge!”
  • “Idiots who are simply foolish enough to believe that Jesus is who He said He is & that we can do what He said we can do!”
  • “Let’s be a pack of Unstoppable Idiot Rhinos for Jesus!”
  • ———————————————————–
  • Our worship team was rockin’!
  • Our tech dudes did an amazing job of holding everything together.
  • Our Kid’s ministries just keep knocking it out of the park every weekend.
  • We had some folks working on our Kid’s theater yesterday afternoon – it looks awesome!
  • ———————————————————–
  • Thank you to all of you who helped work on our new lobby this weekend!
  • Thank you to so many of you who signed up for Faith in Action Sunday locations yesterday!
  • I can’t wait for this Sunday 11/22 – 8:30AM for us to kick off Faith in Action Sunday.
  • Be sure to invite a bunch of people to come & help you at your F.I.A. location.
  • Our lives & the lives of those we serve WILL be changed this Sunday!
  • ———————————————————–
  • Don’t forget those 3 people you’re praying for & working on.
  • Start now inviting people to our “U2 Christmas” series starting on Sun. Dec. 6th – it WILL blow you away!
  • Have an awesome week & I look forward to seeing you this Sunday @ 8:30AM.
  • PS. No “Eagle Pointe standard time” (10 min late) this Sunday!

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