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Faith in Action Sunday (Sun. Nov. 22)

This Sunday Nov. 22nd we will not be having are normal weekend worship services. Instead of encouraging people to GO to church – we are encouraging & challenging people to BE the church! We are sending our entire church out into the community to serve & help those less fortunate. (We do this twice a year). We will be working at a Children’s home, a homeless shelters, delivering meals to homebound people, and doing a mini-home improvement makeover for a struggling family.

What a great way to kick-off the week of Thanksgiving! By GOING, DOING, & BEING what Jesus has commanded us to. In, addition to you joining us for Faith in Action Sunday – I hope that you will invite your friends, neighbors, & co-workers to come join you. Get them involved in helping others & making a difference in our community. A church doing this kind of thing does not compute for most people & blows them away. Who knows? Maybe this is the kind of thing that will resonate with those you know who are disconnected from God & His church. Maybe this will “change the way THEY think about church” & help them get connected. Give it a try!

BE HERE @ Eagle Pointe Church at 8:30AM this Sunday – no Eagle Pointe standard time (10 min late)!!! We’ll pack everyone in for 1 brief meeting, sharing last minute instructions, & then we’ll launch everyone out to GO be the church through serving others. I am really looking forward to seeing you at Faith in Action Sunday.

***PS: Please go to Pastor Aaron’s blog for a lot more detailed information about our Faith in Action locations, work to be done, contact info, directions, what to bring, etc.


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