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“U2 Christmas” is almost here!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This Sunday Dec. 6th we are kicking off an exciting new teaching series @ Eagle Pointe Church – “U2 Christmas – When Love Comes 2 Town“!

We’ll use today’s arts, media, songs from U2 (no the band will not be here in person ;-) , & video interviews with Bono, the lead singer of U2,  to explore the heart of generosity. We’ll use Bono’s personal faith journey to connect with people & help them discover a faith in God and an understanding of what life is really about. We’ll see our lives as an expression of who we are inside, and learn the secret of the exciting & fulfilling life we were meant to live.

In case you’re wondering, yes Bono is a Christian – but like all of us, he is on a journey of discovering who God really is & why God put him here on this earth. He is also a man who has used his influence & fame to do more to bring God’s Kingdom here to to this earth (…may Your Kingdom come…) than most churches would ever even attempt to. His personal journey towards faith in Jesus, his work with the poor in 3rd world countries, and with the Aids pandemic will be very eye opening for most.

I cannot encourage you enough to do anything and everything you can to get the people you know who are disconnected from God & His church here for this Christmas series – it will blow you, & the people you bring, away! Help us pack Eagle Pointe, this Christmas season, with people who need to discover who Jesus is & what Jesus says we need to be doing with our lives.

Join us this Christmas season and get a backstage pass to one of the greatest bands of all time, talking about the greatest message of all time!


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