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U2 Christmas Eve Services

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES – Thurs. Dec. 24th @ 4:00, 5:30, & 7:00PM. Join us for a special evening of music, drama, candlelight singing, communion, & a “U2 Christmas” wrap-up. Don’t miss it & invite everyone you know!

Remember that Christmas is a time of year when people, who would not otherwise darken the doorway of a church, are fairly open to going. Especially, if someone they know personally invites them. I encourage you to do some personal inviting. Use our “Church for people who don’t do church” billboard, & all of our Christmas Eve road signs everywhere, as a discussion starter to get people to come celebrate Christmas Eve with us & check out what God is doing here at Eagle Pointe church. You can also share with your friends about Christmas Eve @ Eagle Pointe from @howardjkoepka/twitterhowardjkoepka/facebook, & EaglePointeChurch/facebook.

So, start praying & inviting! I can’t wait to see you & the people you bring with you tomorrow!


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