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Haiti Disaster Relief (update) – 01-14-09

This past Tuesday Jan. 12th @ 4:53PM – everything changed! In about 60 seconds time – everything changed! A 7.0 earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti & everything changed for about 10 million people there. For about 60 terrifying seconds the earth shook & most of the capital city of Port Au Prince was leveled, as was most of this small country. Possibly more than 100,000 people were killed and millions of people now found themselves terrified and living on the streets. Most buildings and structures had collapsed or were now to damaged for people to enter.

This past Tuesday Jan. 12th @ 4:53PM – everything changed with regards to our church’s plans of beginning to do mission work in Cuba in 2010 – those plans are now on hold. God has now veered us 90 miles to the west.

I was on the phone with a lot of pastors around the country Wednesday, seeing how many of them & their churches were responding. Most will be raising money in their churches for relief organizations such as “Samaritan’s Purse”. This is an incredible group that our Eagle Pointe family has teamed up with in the past, and very recently did so with the flooding in Greater Atlanta.

However, as I prayed, God brought to mind the heart behind the approach to mission work we do in the Philippines. Short version: Long after the big relief organizations are gone – the local churches are still there in the trenches being the hands & feet of Jesus Christ. Our heart is to team up with local churches on the ground to help & equip them to minister to their local communities. The reality is that there has been a huge outpouring of assistance, countries & organizations have mobilized to help with the immediate humanitarian aid effort – but this disaster will take years to recover from. And we as a church, are committed to be working in Haiti for a long time to come.

To that end, I’ve already spoken with a Pastor from Haiti, who works with several churches and orphanages there on the island nation. The potential for our Eagle Pointe family to team up with local churches on the ground in Haiti to these help people, whose nation has been decimated, is amazing. I love seeing God orchestrate & do His thing.

This Sunday & over the next several weeks @ Eagle Pointe Church, we’ll share more info as we get it as to how you can help. Here are some preliminary things were working on…

1) This Sunday, 10% of our offerings will go to help get immediate supplies on the ground to help these people. Come prepared to give big!

2) Organizing & shipping supplies (water, diapers, formula, canned food, etc) into Haiti as soon as the port opens back up.

3) Putting together a “Haiti Team” of a couple people in our church, who can help us plan, organize, & communicate our church’s ongoing relief/mission efforts.

4) Planning “Work Mission Trips” to go assist the local churches & orphanages there in Haiti. This will definitely be an ongoing effort. (Begin planning & budgeting now to be able to join us for one of these trips)

Please hear my heart on this – GIVE BIG – GIVE BIG of your time, talents, & money to assist with our Eagle Pointe family’s ongoing efforts to provide relief to the Haitian people.  “If we have money & see others in need,yet close our hearts against them, how can we claim that we love God?” (1 John 3:17)


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