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EPC – Weekend Reflex – 01-17-10

Reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church.

  • I thought last weekend @ Eagle Pointe was one of the best we ever had with the kick-off of our My Changed Life series.
  • Then – yesterday @ Eagle Pointe – God blew me away!
  • The response from our “Losing Control is a Good Thing” message was unbelievable!
  • So many people being set free from trying to control everything – so many letting go of control & giving it to God.
  • Again, “Faith is trusting God with Control”!
  • DANG – these video testimonies, from people in our church, just keep tearing me up – in a good way.
  • Again, I am truly addicted to Life Change!
  • ———————————————————-
  • Our music & tech people just keep knocking it out of the park!
  • Our Kid’s ministries were packed & having a great big party over there!
  • I love seeing kids pumped up about worshiping  Jesus.
  • I saw a group of people in our Cafe’, around the coffee bar, dancing with their hands in the air!
  • (Shhhh! – Don’t tell the traditionals that there was dancing going on in church – they’ll come after us with pitchforks & torches)
  • It was like 1 great big Jesus party yesterday! LOVE IT!!!
  • ———————————————————
  • Then as if God wasn’t showing off enough – the way He moved in the hearts of this church to respond to the Haiti disaster brought me to tears.
  • (PS. Check out my previous blogs regarding what Eagle Pointe is working on for Haiti)
  • We raised $4,000 to help with immediate supplies, with pledges for more in the next couple of weeks.
  • We have people working on getting us medical supplies, food, water, clothing, building supplies, etc.
  • I already got several calls & emails from people working on getting us more donations & wanting to know how soon they could go with us to help in Haiti.
  • MAN! I love our church family! You all ROCK!
  • ———————————————————
  • Hey – be sure to check out 1 of my blog postings called – “Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?” – listen & re-listen to this MP3 of a message I gave about a year and a half ago.
  • I want you to understand a lot of this & I want to help you be able to answer questions that people are undoubtedly asking you!
  • Also, share that message with everyone you know!
  • Stay tuned to my blog this week for more Haiti details.
  • Have a great week & God bless you Eagle Pointe!

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