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EPC – Haiti Disaster Relief – Update 01-20-10

Here’s an update on our Eagle Pointe efforts to assist with disaster relief in Haiti. Through the generosity of the amazing people of our church family, we raised over $4000 this past Sunday to help the people of Haiti. BTW: We will continue accepting donations of money & supplies for quite some time. While we will assist as many people as we possibly can on the island, we are trying to help a couple of orphanages in particular. They have many children who are in desperate need of food, supplies, & medical attention.

There is a very good chance that I will be traveling to Haiti this next week or the week of Feb. 8th (flights into Haiti are hard to come by right now). We may only have 24 – 48 hours notice that we have to be in So. Fla. to jump on a plane. We are trying to round up all of the food, water, supplies, & medical supplies NOW – so that when the call comes in – we are ready to roll.

To that end I could really use your help! We are trying to get local businesses to pitch in with donations towards, or discounts on, the supplies we are gathering. (We are trying to stretch this initial $4000 as far as God will let it go!) We are especially seeking donations or discounts on Medical supplies.

Below is a link for a letter from our church requesting help with this, along with a list of the supplies we are in need of. Please print it off, mobilize, & help us round this stuff up! Again, there’s a chance we’re leaving on Sunday or Monday for So. Fla so we need to act quickly. Thanks in advance for your help – you all rock!

EPC – Haiti – Request Letter


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