Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

EPC – Weekend Reflex – 01-31-10

Reflections from another weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • After a mentally, physically, & emotionally draining trip this past week in Haiti – I needed today!
  • God showed up in a big, big way in our worship, videos, & message as we wrapped up our My Changed Life series.
  • Incredible to see God moving & changing so many people’s lives.
  • Remember: Jesus is Powerful, Personal, & Forgiving – respond to THAT!
  • Humbled by the way God just keeps working in our midst.
  • —————————————————————
  • Can’t wait until next Sunday Feb. 7th to share all about our Haiti Relief Trip.
  • There’s NO WAY I could have done it today – I’m still shaken from all I experienced.
  • Need a few days to process it all & to be able to verbalize.
  • I will tell you it was by far “the most horrific & yet amazing week of my life”!
  • I’ll share all about it & show lots of video next Sunday.
  • —————————————————————
  • Leaving tomorrow (Mon) morning on our 1st real family vacation is 2 yrs.
  • NEED it after last week – but look forward to seeing you next weekend!

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