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Our Eagle Pointe “Haiti Plan” – rough draft

I was asked this morning “What is our Eagle Pointe ‘Haiti Plan’?” Well, that’s a great question! And the short answer is that our “Haiti Plan” is still very much in the developmental phases.

The reality is that the devastation & destruction brought on by the earthquake in Haiti is like nothing most of us have ever or, God-willing, will ever experience in our lifetime. 250,000 people were killed, 1.5 million people were left homeless, and an entire nation is now suffering through a lack of food, water, shelter, & medical attention. If the American Christian church and the world does not wake up to the reality of what is happening there – there will be countless more lives lost.

As for our Eagle Pointe “Haiti Plan” here’s the synopsis of what we’re doing & where we’re going with this:

1) As most of you know I just returned from Haiti. Being the lead pastor I needed to go see this for myself & be the eyes & heart of our church family. While there, God decided to get me & the couple of people who went with me, much more deeply involved in the disaster relief than we had ever dreamed. As I’ve told many of you last Sunday – it was by far the most horrific and yet amazing week of my life. If you missed me sharing in-depth about our trip you can view it here on my blog – “Haiti Report/The Real Story“.

2) On Feb. 28th – Mar. 6th – I am taking a team of 10 people back to Haiti to do disaster relief work. We are currently taking on 3 objectives on this next Haiti trip: a) We’re talking a doctor & nurses for medical care. b) Getting food, tents, etc supplies out to orphanages, tent communities, etc. c) Building a temp structure at Notre Dame orphanage, they lost 56 kids in the quake. The kids are living outdoors right now w/ no shelter from sun & rain. We’ll do these along with whatever else God leads us to.

3) On this trip I will be essentially “handing off the baton” to some other amazing individuals who are going on this trip. These folks will comprise the leadership of our “Team Haiti” to help us plan, organize, & strategize future trips, along with determining the scope of what our church can do. While God definitely ripped out a piece of my heart and left it there with the incredible people & children of Haiti, I still have an amazing church here that God has called me to lead. I will go on some trips in the future – but definitely not every trip.

4) Who knows??? That depends on what & where God is leading us to work & our “Team Haiti” leadership group will help us with this.

I know that some may think that I’m supposed to be the great visionary leader who has a 5 year plan mapped out by now – after all it has been a whole 30 days since the earthquake – but this Haiti situation is so big & God-sized that I’m just hanging on & trying to keep up with God on this one.

BTW: I believe that this epic Haiti disaster presents 21st century Christians & churches with the single greatest opportunity of our lifetimes, to truly live out the Great Commandment, Great Commission, & Great Compassion (Matthew 25:35-40). But I’ll save that for another blog.


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