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“Fearless Lion Chasers” – This Sunday!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This Sunday 2/21 @ Eagle Pointe Church we will continue our “Fearless” teaching series looking at great stories in the Old Testament/Bible of people who battled with Fear – but also how God helped them conquer their fears & delivered them to a place of strong & profound faith.

We want our “Unstoppable Idiot Rhinos” of Eagle Pointe to live bold, courageous, & fearless lives no matter what life throws their way. So, this Sunday I’ll be teaching on a little known story in the O.T. of a man named Benaiah. This crazy man for God overcame his fears & chased a lion into a cave on a snowy day & KILLED IT! The question I’m asking this Sunday is what lion in your life do you need to chase down & defeat?

With so many people struggling with fear & anxiety with everything going on in our country & world today – YOU need to be here this Sunday & you need to bring some people with you.

BTW: If you missed last Sunday’s “Fearless – Part 1” you need to watch it online @ www.EaglePointe.org!


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