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Haiti Disaster Relief Update – 2/21/10

Here is an update on our Eagle Pointe Haiti Relief work…

  • We have now sent 2 shipping containers full of supplies to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in advance of our team’s arrival.
  • 10 of us are heading to PaP (Port-au-Prince) Sunday morning 2/28 @ 7AM. We’re leaving out of ATL, have a lay over in Ft. Laud. – then fly straight into PaP.
  • Our team feels like pin cushions after all the vaccinations. On the last trip we just took off to PaP when the earthquake hit – no vaccinations – but this time we’re trying to be a little more cautious.
  • We are currently taking on 3 objectives with this next Haiti trip:
  • a) We’re talking a doctor & nurses for medical care – they will be working hard at a makeshift medical center that is seeing over 400 patients a day.
  • b) Getting food, tents, etc supplies out to orphanages, tent communities, etc.
  • c) Building a temp structure & setting up tents at Notre Dame orphanage, they lost 56 kids in the quake. The kids are living outdoors right now w/ no shelter from sun & rain.
  • We’ll do these along with whatever else God leads us to.
  • ——————————————————–
  • Please be praying for our team!
  • This will be the most emotionally, spiritually, mentally, & physically draining weeks of our lives.
  • Pray for us, pray for this trip, & pray that God removes the barriers & uses use as tools in His hands to bring love, help, hope, & relief to the Haitian people.
  • ——————————————————–
  • Thanks for being an amazing church family!
  • I’ll be posting more great news & info about our Eagle Pointe Haiti Disaster Relief work later this week.

    One response

    1. Shelly Hester

      always keeping you in my prayers!

      February 27, 2010 at 12:43 am

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