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As you can imagine, I have been spending A LOT of time thinking and praying about Haiti these last few weeks, since returning from our 1st Haiti Disaster Relief trip. I returned from that trip angry & confused about many things. Angry about how little help is actually making it to the Haitian people. Angry about the politics of the whole situation with our own government & the U.N.  Angry at the big relief organizations about what sure seems like a colossal mismanagement of all the money and resources people have donated. Angry about how so few groups and churches are on the ground there in Haiti helping – as well as so many things! If you missed my “Haiti Report/The Real Story” – Please check it out!

As I have been wrestling with all of this anger and frustration and asking God to help me let it go – I very clearly heard Him yell at me – yes, yell at me saying “NO!!! Do not let it go! I want that Holy discontent I have placed there to keep burning & churning inside of you!” So, I’m like “Okay, great! What am I supposed to do about it?” And that still, soft voice kept saying “I’ll show you” ——— and over the last 3 weeks He has.

Over the last 3 weeks opportunities to network with churches and groups from all over the southeast U.S. are popping up on almost a daily basis. And this week those opportunities began expanding beyond the southeast U.S. So, tomorrow we are hosting our “1st Haiti Network Connection Meeting” here at Eagle Pointe church. We have about 15 churches & medical groups meeting to dream & share ideas about how we can collaborate, share resources, & work together to help the Haitian people. It appears that we will do several more of these meetings in the coming months at different places around the U.S. The idea being that individually we can help Haiti to only a small extent – but many of us working together as a team can really begin to make a difference in Haiti.

Then as if all of that wasn’t enough, I and a bunch of people from our church attended the Velocity Church Conference on Monday & Tuesday of this week. I spoke with so many pastors who would love to be helping in Haiti, but they didn’t have any contacts, know where to stay, what to do, etc. So, I began asking them “Well, what if we had camps for you to stay at, orphanages, hospitals, & other work opportunities for you, transportation arranged, etc – would you put a team together & send them in the next month or 2?” Every single pastor answered – “Absolutely!” With that the bells went “ding, ding, ding” in my head, I saw the great big neon billboard, & I knew what we needed to do.

We need to figure out how to network churches, groups, & resources to work together. We have to set up camps, work opportunities, transportation, etc – basically take on the logistical side of things to enable hundreds of churches/groups to be able to go. Basically, we have to “equip the saints” to be able to go & be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ in Haiti & beyond.

A big part of the answer which is still very much in the developmental phase is – www.HaitiConneXus.org (the site is under development)

I will share a whole lot more about this in the next few weeks – but now I have to finish getting ready to head back to Haiti on Sunday with our team.


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  1. Please let me know what I can be doing here to help you with ANYTHING. Unfortunately due to our recent misfortune we cannot go to Haiti right now but Id love to be more of the hands and feet here helping people who can. Praying for you and your upcoming trip. Much Love to You!

    February 25, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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