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Haiti Relief – Day 2 – 2/28/10

12AM team situated in the homes of our wonderful new friends at Oasis Church in Santo Domingo, DR. Dr. Beverly Lense, I, & Richard from @PortLightRelief (1 of our Haiti Strategic Partners) head to visit Richard’s family who were wounded in Haiti Earthquake. Unfortunately because of not recieving adequate medical attention amputations are required. Also, meet to plan the next 9 days of Haiti work.

After 2 hours of sleep – back up again and off on “God’s Amazing Race to Haiti”. Our new Oasis friends drove us all the way to PaP. It was a wild & crazy ride thru the Dominican countryside – topped off by God showing up & instead of usual 2 hour wait to cross border – we were waved right thru border – no wait – no nothin’! Go God!

Team atmosphere of laughing & joking about the insanity of our entire journey thus far, came to a screaching halt as we begin to enter PaP. Only stunned silence as the abject poverty in areas not even hit by eartquake begin to soak in. As we enter earthquake affected areas, there were no words needed. Our team was now seeing what news reports don’t/can’t begin to accurately describe.

The few words spoken were marveling at the peace, orderliness, grace, dignity the Haitian people were showing in the midst of their epic tragedy. Death, destruction, suffering, & people in need is everywhere.

We set up our base camp at Quisqueya University – not Quisqueya Christian school – not Quisqueya Hospital – we had a lot of fun trying to find & get everyone to the right location, but we finally made it & set up our base camp.

Our camp at Quisqueya Univ (which was leveled in earthquake) is part camp for relief workers, part medical center seeing 300+ patients a day, & part staging ground for workers & supplies for Haiti. Took team for a “tour” of city to help them grasp the enormity of this disaster & ate dinner at newly re-opened local restaurant. Hey -you gotta eat & it’s supporting the local economy!!!

Met with ground team at Quisqueya Univ to coordinate tomorrow’s plan of action/attack – we’ve got so much to do!

After a combined 5 hours sleep the last 2 nights our team is turning in early as tomorrow will be a long & busy day!

BTW: it is 3AM as I write this. I was awakened by the pouring down rain & I discovered that my tent is NOT rain proof!!! But it’s all good. All I had to do was run out in the rain, grab a tarp we had brought, & cover my tent. Most Haitians don’t have that luxury! Most are still homeless – my thoughts & prayers tonight are with all the families with no shelter as the rain comes down in buckets. I think of the hopelessness of parents unable to shield their children tonight.

God – please bring help & relief these incredible people! Don’t let the world forget Haiti! And use us this week to bring love, hope, help, faith, & relief to even a few!


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  1. Debbie

    We are in a similiar situation with Spirit airlines. We spoke with them today and they are ready to go to PAP however the Haitian authorities are not letting them land for whatever reason. We are working on contingency plans now since we have been in contact with them since yesterday. We are to head to Fort Lauderdale on March 5th and leave for PAP on Saturday. Spirit will allow us to go through Dominican Republic. We are following up with a flight through Tortug Air from Santo Domingo to Haiti Bible Mission in Jeremie where we ultimately want to be. What was the name of the bus line you had lined up in the event you needed it to travel form Santo Domingo to PAp. I spoke with Care International but the person I spoke with did not have that information. We are hopeful that our group of 17- 2 being from other states and 2 from Guatemala will be able to make flight adjustments if we need to make changes.
    I pray you are having a fruitful trip.
    Thank you.

    March 2, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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