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Haiti Relief – Day 3 – 3/1/10

Started early getting ready for a marathon day of helping the Haitian people. We had 1 team working at our Quisqueya Univ medical school (which is where our base camp is). They were helping at medical center which sees about 300 patients a day.

It was very moving to be working with so many families who, 6 weeks after earthquake still had not recieved any medical attention. Seeing small malnourished children in need of medical attention is heartbreaking.

Another group went out to a tent city to do mobile medical care for families living under tarps & sheets. A very moving experience for them all. At different times we all needed a break to compose ourselves when what we were witnessing got to us.

I took another group to the airport where we met up w/ our US Marine friends – they hooked us up with food, medical supplies, & 3 truck loads of water. Of course, I sat precariously perched on truck full of supplies – twittering the play-by-play of our adventure, while barrelling down the streets of PaP.

Then took the team out for Pizza at local restaurant – trying to support the local economy 😉 Hearing our team sharing stories about everything they had experienced that day was incredible.

Amazing seeing God show up time & time again today! After everything we experienced & having several kids steal our hearts today – the team half jokingly voted to just stay here another month.


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