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Haiti Reflex – 03-11-10

Here are my reflections from another mind-blowing God-sized adventure in Haiti…

  • My attempts to blog about each day in Haiti on this trip lasted only 3 of the 10 days – just way too much going on – working long days – very little sleep each night.
  • We definitely had the people God wanted us to have on this trip. It was amazing how well they all got along, worked together, adapted, improvised, & rolled with all the challenges we faced!
  • We did an incredible amount of work while we were in Haiti!
  • We had teams doing medical care at the clinic where our base camp was, & we had teams doing mobile medical care & feedings at several tent cities in Port-au-Prince.
  • We worked on our base camp – setting up showers, clearing areas, & getting it ready for future groups going to Haiti to be able to stay there.
  • We also did medical care & took supplies to Notre Dame orphanage. They lost 56 children in the earthquake & still care for 51 children today. (Many of those are newly orphaned & handicapped since the quake)
  • ——————————————————–
  • At many of the tent cities & orphanages we visited – in addition to helping – our teams greatly enjoyed playing with the children.
  • It was great to see how when we arrived many children & adults looked sad & depressed – but they soon came to life & were laughing & playing with our team.
  • Our teams did an amazing job of helping & just loving on the hurting people & families of Haiti.
  • I think with all of our team God ripped our hearts out, with everything we experienced, & left a piece of it there in Haiti.
  • Most have called asking me when can they go back.
  • ——————————————————–
  • It was definitely the kids at the orphanages that stole all of our hearts.
  • Seeing those who are the smallest & most helpless come running & jump into our arms every time we visited – & then seeing them cry & having to peel them off our necks when we left – was more than most of us could take.
  • It was also a week where we saw team members take quantum leaps forward in their faith, understanding of God & how He works, & their walk with Christ.
  • At the end of day 1 – I asked our team “Where did you see God show up today?” Everyone answered “Where didn’t we see God show up? He was everywhere!”
  • As I will talk about in my message this Sunday at church – God doesn’t show up in the comfort of our homes & offices – God shows up when we step out of our comfort zone & follow Him!
  • ——————————————————-
  • This was also a very trying & challenging week as we worked to get our container full of supplies that we had shipped – there was a lot to work through with the Haitian gov’t, customs, etc.
  • For whatever reason God chose us to be the test case under all the new rules for shipping supplies into Haiti. (A lot of the new rules are the Haiti gov’t reacting to many people shipping supplies into Hait under the guise of humanitarian aid – when in fact they are selling the goods to make money off of this horrible tragedy)
  • As much as it was tough on us – having to go through all the headaches allowed us to meet many, many local authorities – & learn (the hard way)many lessons & the new system which will benefit Eagle Pointe & countless other groups who are trying to help Haiti.
  • But after a great deal of hard work, tenacity, & perseverance – God parted the Red Sea & we were able to get our container.
  • ——————————————————–
  • We stayed 2 extra days so we could distribute all the supplies to many hospitals, orphanages, & tent cities – & let me tell you it was more than worth the wait!
  • Seeing families breaking down crying over receiving a tent to live in – people celebrating over getting food, water, shoes, etc – orphanage workers in tears over getting food, water, baby formula, Pedialyte, etc for their kids – hospital workers in tears getting medical supplies they had been working without for weeks – made all the hassles & challenges fade from our memories.
  • The joy of fitting a 5 yr old who lost her leg in the earthquake with a walker & seeing her, within 20 minutes, figuring it out & off to the races & mobile for the 1st time in 6 weeks – made the entire week more than worthwhile.
  • ——————————————————–
  • I could go on for hours about all of our experiences from this past week in Haiti & all the blessing we received & all the ways we saw God show up – but I’ll leave you with this – if you are able to go to Haiti – GO!!! Whether it is with one of our Eagle Pointe teams or another group – GO!!!
  • If you need help getting yourself or your group to Haiti – we can help you with where to stay, transportation, work projects, etc – just let me know!
  • Not only will you be helping a people who are getting very little help – but it will radically change your life!

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  1. Tracy Melton

    Can’t wait!

    March 11, 2010 at 6:03 pm

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