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MOMENTUM – Next Steps

This Sunday night March 21st – 6PM at MOMENTUM we have an amazing event planned. This will be a MOMENTUM we will be talking about for a long time. Please make sure that you are at MOMENTUM & please help us to make sure everyone in your teams/groups are there as well. Please make some phone calls this week & personally encourage people to be there.

Aaron Gable will also be leading a Life Group leaders meeting @ 5PM. Please make sure that you & your spouses are there.

In addition to a fun & creative event with Potluck social time (bring your “‘A’ game” food), & SOME BIG TIME SURPRISES – we’ll be talking about “Next Steps” for us as a church family…

I will also be sharing some very personal realizations that I have come to in the last few weeks regarding myself & our church. These are realizations that God has been working on me about the last couple of months & that He really drove home during my times alone w/ Him in Haiti.

Please push some other things aside & join us this Sunday evening for MOMENTUM.


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