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EPC – Easter Weekend Recap

Here are my reflections from an incredible Easter Sunday @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • WOW! On Easter Sunday – God was just showing off!
  • We had by far our highest attendance ever!
  • Our band was rockin’ & did an amazing job with the worship!
  • Don Roussell did a fantastic job w/ “Just Come Home”!
  • Our tech & creative nailed it with all the music, lighting, & videos we used!
  • And God orchestrated it all together for an incredibly powerful worship experience!
  • ——————————————-
  • So proud of all the Eagle Pointe’rs who cared enough to reach out & invite their friends!
  • But the best part of all was – we had at least 21 people step over the line from darkness to Light – from death to Life – & commit their lives to Jesus Christ!
  • BTW: THAT’S what Easter is all about!!!
  • ————————————————
  • Thank you to our incredible Volunteers & Staff for all of your hard work & effort for Easter Sunday – YOU ALL ROCK!
  • I’m SO proud of you all! Now, go rest, relax, & enjoy spring break with your family!
  • I’ll see you all on Sunday!

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