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EPC – Weekend Recap – 04-19-10

Here are my reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • God showed up in a big-time way yesterday @ Eagle Pointe!
  • The music was amazing – our worship team did a great job.
  • The tech people nailed all the sound, lighting, & videos.
  • The Kid’s ministry was rockin’ – LOVE seeing kids excited about worshiping God & LOVE seeing kids race ahead of their parents to get into church.
  • ————————————————————
  • The response from the message I gave yesterday has been unbelievable! (***That message video will be on our website tomorrow)
  • So, many people & families having “light-bulbs come on” & realizing the need to fight for the hearts of our families.
  • So many realizing the need to better communicate their love in a way that their families & kids will understand.
  • Thanks for the responses & feedback from so many of you.
  • I heard from many parents who said the message/challenge itself was tough enough – but that the video we showed at the end “was just unfair”.
  • BTW: That same video is shown above.
  • ———————————————————
  • PUMPED about moving to 2 services on Mother’s Day/Child Dedication Sunday – May 9th!!!
  • Be sure to check out Aaron Gable’s blog http://aarongable.wordpress.com/ – for more info about that!

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