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Mother’s Day @ Eagle Pointe – BE THERE!!!

This Sunday May 9th will be a very exciting day here at Eagle Pointe Church! Here are 4 big reasons…

1) We are kicking off our NEW WORSHIP SERVICE TIMES. Our new times will be 9:30 & 11:00AM. We’ve added 60 more seats per service which have allowed us to do this. All of our volunteers are very excited about this! For more info about us going to 2 services check out… Blog Post/2 Services

2) Come on —- It’s MOTHER’S DAY! What a great opportunity to worship together as a family & kick start a day of honoring mom!

3) CHILD DEDICATIONS. We will have child dedications in both services this Sunday. This is a great time of families committing before God, family, & friends to raise their kids in a way that honors God – and for family & friends to commit to do everything they can to help in that effort. Join us to cheer on these families taking this step towards Jesus! If you’re interested in having your family take part in this – email jonathan@eaglepointe.org a.s.a.p.

4) I am looking forward to being back teaching the wrap-up of our “Home Sweet Home” series. (I have been teaching less than usual this series, giving our Family Ministries pastor Jonathan Napier more time to teach on families) I am pumped & ready to be back at it this Sunday!

*** This will be a very special day in the life of our church family. I cannot encourage you enough to not miss this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe! Also, take advantage of this special day to invite a bunch of people to join you at church this Sunday. Remember: “One Invite – Can Change A Life/Family”!


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