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Just Add Water/Take the God Plunge

This Sunday 9:30 & 11:00AM at Eagle Pointe Church I’ll be doing a message I’m calling “Just Add Water”. I’ll be teaching on what the Bible really says about Baptism. Baptism? Who? What? When? How? What is it all about?

I cannot encourage you enough to not miss this message answering these and many other questions people have regarding baptism. Whether you have not been baptized & have questions, or you have been baptized and want to know how to explain it to others better, you need to be here this Sunday.

I also hope & pray that our entire church family will be at our BBQ & Baptism on Saturday May 22nd at Cauble Park/Lake Acworth. If you have not been baptized you need to “Take the God Plunge” and do so!

This is also a great opportunity to cheer on those taking this next step of faith towards Jesus, as well as, relax, eat good food, & get to know a bunch of amazing people outside of the busyness of a Sunday morning. Bring the whole family, a side dish and/or dessert (potluck), chairs, & come ready to have some fun.

If you would like to “Take the God Plunge” & get baptized or get more info – email office@eaglepointe.org.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday & on Sat. May 22nd.


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