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Take the God Plunge this Saturday!

This Saturday May 22nd we will have our “Take the God Plunge” BBQ & Baptisms at Cauble Park/Lake Acworth.  This is going to be awesome!  We will be baptizing about 20 people in the lake tomorrow, we will have a monster cookout,  kick back and relax on the beach, & swimming.  This is also a great opportunity to get to know a whole bunch of people outside of the craziness of a Sunday morning @ Eagle Pointe church.

I hope all of you will join us for an incredible day.  We will start baptizing people at 10:30AM – so please arrive early and be ready to cheer like you’re at your favorite team’s football game, for these people who are taking this next step of faith – a.k.a. the God Plunge!  Please join us in praying for good weather and don’t forget to bring lawn chairs, side dish and/or desert, & sunscreen.

If you want to “Take the God Plunge”/get baptized, need more info, directions, etc – please email office@eaglepointe.org


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