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EPC – Weekend Recap – 05-23-10

Here are my reflections from another amazing weekend @ Eagle Pointe Church:

  • God showed up in a HUGE way this weekend @ Eagle Pointe!
  • God parted the clouds – moved the storms that were forecast away & gave us beautiful weather.
  • We had 250+ people show up at Lake Acworth for our BBQ & Baptisms.
  • We had 45 people “take the God plunge” & get Baptized – GO GOD!!!
  • ***BTW: We baptized more people on Saturday than we re-started this church with 6 years ago!
  • It was an amazing day of hanging out at the park/beach with our church family.
  • ——————————————–
  • The kick-off of out “BOOT CAMP” series was incredible!
  • The music was amazing – our worship team did a great job.
  • The tech people nailed all the sound, lighting, & videos.
  • The response & feedback from the message has been off the charts!
  • The Kid’s ministry was rockin’ – LOVE seeing kids excited about worshiping God & LOVE seeing kids race ahead of their parents to get into church.
  • It just an incredible weekend.
  • I am humbled & in awe of what God is doing here at Eagle Pointe!
  • ————————————————————
  • THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who made this entire weekend possible – YOU ALL ROCK!!!
  • ————————————————————
  • Don’t miss this coming Sunday 5/30 – Part 2 of our “Boot Camp” series!
  • Have a great week – keep the main thing, the main thing – & I look forward to seeing you this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe Church!

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