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Haiti Update – May 26, 2010

I really hate to do this, but we will be postponing our mission trip to Haiti until possibly the end of July or beginning of August. There are several reasons for this & I would appreciate your prayers & ideas for going forward.

1) Due to summer schedules, kids out of school, planned vacations, etc there are only 3 – 4 people able to go on this trip. 6 people would be ideal, but 3 – 4 could work.

2) Right now in Haiti it is almost impossible to get containers of supplies in. Even shipping a pallet or 2 of supplies is next to impossible. So, we would only be able to bring a small amount of supplies in suitcases.  And with only 3 – 4 people that would not be many suitcases or supplies.

a.  The government right now is severely limiting the amount of supplies coming into the country.  There are legitimate and not so legitimate reasons for this.  Yes, it is a corrupt government that is in complete disarray after the earthquake.  However, all of the free/donated supplies are sinking their economy.  Most local businesses that survived the earthquake, are now going out of business because of the influx of free goods.

b.  The ideal situation would be similar to what we’re currently doing in the Philippines.  We provide the financial resources (money) to pay for supplies, labor, etc which helps stimulate the local economy & builds a tremendous amount of goodwill between the local church & the local community.

c.  We need to be able to send a small team of people with a large amount of money to buy food, water, and supplies locally there in Haiti.  Postponing this trip until possibly the end of July or beginning of August would allow us more time to raise money.

3) On June 1, the U.S. military will pull out of Haiti completely.  There weren’t many U.S. military there to begin with, but at least what was there provided some sense of stability and security.  Once the U.S. military pulls out – there is a lot of concern in Haiti – as to what will happen in terms of stability and security.  Postponing our trip will also allow us the time to evaluate the situation on the ground in Haiti, to make sure that it is safe for our teams to go there.

We have teamed up with some great people on the ground there.  Our friends at Haiti Family Ministries are just as frustrated as we are with the situation there in Haiti.

Someone asked me this week about following God’s leading, trusting Him, walking in faith, etc.  I told them that when God’s leading a clear and compelling – you GO – regardless of what the situation may look like.  However, when His leading is not so clear and compelling – God also gave us this wonderful thing called common sense.

Please join me in praying for our friends and the people of Haiti.  Pray that God’s plan for us to help becomes clear and compelling.  Please join us in trying to raise as much money as possible to be able to buy food, water, and supplies to help the Haitian people.


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