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4th of July Bash @ My House – You’re Invited!!!

Every year we do a BIG 4th of July Bash with over 100 of our closest friends. Yeah – Gina & I don’t know how to do anything on a small scale. In fact, last year we had about 140 people join us for our Party. It never ceases to amaze me that we’ve doing this for the last 8 years & it has NEVER rained on our Party. (Thank you God & PLEASE don’t let it rain this year).

Basically, everyone brings chairs & food. The little kids play in our big backyard (we have a trampoline, playset, & sandpit), older kids & teens play soccer, basketball, etc & the adults relax, eat good food, & get to know a bunch of great people.

The festivities start at 5PM on Sunday July 4th &  – Shhhhh! – when the sun goes down we have a rather large fireworks show as well. Below is some information you need to know & I hope you will be able to join us.

* Bring the whole family – we have a trampoline, playset, & sandpit to keep the kids busy so adults can relax
* Bring main dish, side dish, and/or dessert for a bunch of people (POTLUCK)
* Bring chairs for your family to sit on – we’re expecting 100+ people
* Bring what you want to drink in your own cooler. NOTE: This is not an official church function – just friends getting together to celebrate. Feel free to bring beer or wine.
You can email me – howard@eaglepointe.org if you need the address and/or directions. Hope to see you there!

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