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Eagle Pointe 2.0 (Part 1)

Over the next 2 weeks I’ll be doing a series of blog postings about a lot of the improvements we are making here at Eagle Pointe church. Today, I’m sharing about the tweeks/improvements we have made to our Church Logo. We didn’t want to deviate too far from our old logo for several reasons: 1) A lot of people know it & it’s recognizable in our community. 2) We kind of like it – it’s simple, clear, easy to read, etc 3) We don’t want to spend a bunch of money redoing the sign on the side of our building. And while we like the old logo, it was definitely time for an upgrade for several reasons which I’ll share in this post.

While we really liked the logo that is on our new black t-shirts – it is just way to hard to use that logo for a lot of applications. It is too busy, long, & the font is to hard to read for banners, roadsigns, etc. Part of why we are moving away from our old logo is because it looks a little too corporate, stale, & stodgy – which definitely isn’t Eagle Pointe. Marketing & branding experts have told us that our logo needs to reflect “us” as a church – which is a little more edgy & in your face – while still communicating the love, compassion, & family environment we have. (no easy chore I assure you)

So, what we came up with is what you see above. It is just a modernized, sleeker version of our old church logo. You’ll notice that we have sort of a rough, textured background which reflects a little more of our nature as a church. We’ve gone lowercase with the font because a lot of what we do and how we communicate is online via our website, blogs, social media, etc. We’ve kept the “eagle swoosh” which is the most recognizable part of our logo & we’ve gone with bright colors which contrast nicely with the dark background.

We’ve also “color-coded” all our different ministries. Our primary church logo is white & RED. This will also be the color scheme our church’s local & global mission work, which reflects so much of the heart of our church. You’ll begin seeing white & red logos for Eagle Pointe Missions, Eagle Pointe Serve, Eagle Pointe Teams.

Our Groups, Life Groups, basically anything of that nature that has to do with spiritual growth will be white & GREEN. We have white & green logos for Eagle Pointe Groups & Eagle Pointe Classes.

Anything to do with our family ministries is white & ORANGE. Eagle Pointe Students, Eagle Pointe Kids, Eagle Pointe Preschool, etc.

In addition to our new church logo better reflecting “us” as a church, helping make communications more clear both internally & externally, and making it easier for people to find at a glance what they’re looking for (because of color-coding), as well as many other benefits to this ———– do you know what??? It just looks GOOD!

Stay tuned as over the next week or so I will be writing about several more tweeks & improvements we are making here at Eagle Pointe.


7 responses

  1. I am in love with this new design. It really does fit EPC well. I can’t wait to see it in action more!

    August 8, 2010 at 11:18 pm

  2. Kris

    I like the design of the website and the new logo!
    Question: Where can I get some of the new T-Shirts for us?

    Thank you,

    August 9, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    • If you mean the “I love my church” shirts they were made on the cheap. $4 black tees from walmart & an iron on of the graphic (iron ons have come a long way). The iron on blanks for dark tees are about 5 for $10 @ walmart as well. If interested, pick up the shirt & iron on & I can print the graphic for you.

      If you mean our other new black tees – they are available at the connection table in the cafe for $10/ each.

      August 9, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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