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Eagle Pointe 2.0 (Part 3)

If you missed “Part 1” or “Part 2” of this series please go back & read these.

Today is all about some new ways we hope to equip our Eagle Pointe family to passionately, aggressively & in a fun way reach our community for Jesus! Most Eagle Pointe’rs “get it” that we are ALL about “leading people to love God, love others, & serve the world” – however, that can’t happen until we 1st reach them & get them in our doors.

So, being who we are – casual, contemporary, relational, fun, & a little in your face – we’ve come up with a way to reach out to our community which reflects those things. Instead of the “traditional/normal” (which ain’t us) invite cards and road signs which simply state the name of a church, service times, & where they’re located. We wanted to have some fun letting people know about Eagle Pointe in a way which gives them a taste of who we are, & which piqued their curiosity & interest.

As you can see in the graphics above & below, we have designed new road signs & invite cards which have a statement in bold which reflects something about Eagle Pointe & then simply states times & our new website for them to go find out more about us. Personally, I love the 3 “sayings/slogans” we’ve chosen – “Who says you have to dress up for church?”, “It’s like church meets rock ‘n roll!“, & “Church for people who don’t “do” church“. I think our rowdy church family is going to have A LOT of fun with this!

Our plan is recruit a bunch of people to be a part of our Road Sign Team (hint, hint, hint – let me know if you can do this) & put these out at all the intersections in our area. We’ll mix them up & have different ones at different corners of the intersections. These need to go out on Fridays after 5PM & be picked up before Monday morning. I love the idea of having our signs stand out from the crowd – vertical signs with an eye-catching saying while people are sitting at a traffic light.

I hope that you will load up on invite cards this Sunday at Eagle Pointe. I also love having 3 designs for these as well – because for some people I’m working on the “Who says you have to dress up for church?” card will appeal to – for others the “It’s like church meets rock ‘n roll!” will appeal to, etc…

Alright Eagle Pointe’rs, in addition to your personal testimony of what Jesus is doing in your life – we have just equipped you with some great & fun tools to reach our community for Christ. Go nuts! Go get em’! Unleash the hounds!


4 responses

  1. Every time I have invited someone to church with us, their very first question is “Do I have to dress up?” I’m SO happy to see these invite cards! They’re perfect for EPC!

    August 11, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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