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Eagle Pointe Online T-Shirt Store

We have been getting A LOT of requests for the t-shirts people have been sporting around Eagle Pointe. Our t-shirts we’ve had since Easter are still a big hit & those will continue to be available in our cafe’/lobby as a gift to 1st time visitors, and for $10 each for anyone else who wants them.

Since we decked out our entire host team in “I Love My Church” t-shirts, we had so many people asking us how they can get one. A lot of people have been asking us if we are going to get t-shirts with the new church logo as well. Now, we did the “ILMC” t-shirts on the “cheap” – we bought black t-shirts from Walmart & ironed on graphics we printed ourselves. So, no we did not have extras of these available.

While we want to get these t-shirts out to everyone – it can get pretty expensive trying to keep in stock a bunch of t-shirts, of all the different designs, and of all the different sizes. So, we came up with an idea that we think might work. We have set up an “EAGLE POINTE T-SHIRT STORE” at http://www.cafepress.com/EaglePointe_1 – with several different t-shirt designs. 2 versions of our new Eagle Pointe logo & the “I Love My Church” are available.

We have also made available t-shirts to match our new invite cards & road signs (see Eagle Pointe 2.0 Part 3). We have 3 designs – “Who says you have to dress up for church?”, “It’s like church meets rock ‘n roll”, & “Church for people who don’t ‘do’ church”. The prices are about $20 each – but this really is the only way we could make all of these available to everyone. There’s no way we could afford to stock all these designs & sizes.

*** NOTE: All of these were designed to go on a black (preferably) or dark colored shirt – be sure to select this when ordering.

I’ve already ordered a couple shirts for my wife Gina & I (we both love the “church/rock ‘n roll shirt). Check out the site, order a couple shirts, & I look forward to seeing you sport yours around our community.

Also – for more new & exciting things happening at Eagle Pointe – check out “Eagle Pointe 2.0”  “Part 1“, “Part 2“, & “Part 3”.


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