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What Is “FX”?

Our guest blogger today is Jonathan Napier, our Family Ministries Pastor here at Eagle Pointe Church. Jonathan does a great job overseeing our high school, middle school, elementary, preschool, & weekday preschool ministries (basically, diapers to diplomas). I asked him to share about the exciting “FX” program happening this Saturday & Sunday @ Eagle Pointe.

As many of you know, our FX production is about to rock the Eagle Pointe stage this coming Saturday and Sunday nights at 5PM. I’m sure that plenty of you are wondering, “What the heck is FX?” Glad you asked.

FX is our “Family Experience” designed for both adults and kids, to illustrate faith and character virtues. The idea of FX is to not only experience the virtue, but to continue the conversation at home in their everyday lives.

If you were here for our Jingle Jam last December, you know how much fun an FX is. There will be music that both you and your kids will love, drama and videos that will illustrate the monthly virtue, and bible story that ties it all together.

The fun begins at 5PM on both September 11th & 12th. Grab some tickets in the café this Sunday and get them into the hands of your friends and neighbors. For many of them, this might be the perfect thing to expose them to church for the first time.

Jonathan Napier – jonathan@eaglepointe.org

PS. I’ll tell you that my kids are pumped & inviting their friends to “FX”. If you don’t have tickets – just show up & we’ll let you in! (Tell them you’re on Pastor Howard’s guest list 😉 Please help us by inviting a bunch of families to join you for “FX”.


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