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“HOSTAGE” Series Kicks Off This Sunday!

This Sunday Sept. 19 we will kick-off one of the most exciting & powerful series’ we’ve done at Eagle Pointe Church.

“We’re all held hostage by something… what is your captor? Maybe it’s anger, bitterness, fear, pride, lust, addictions, or even jealousy. The good news is that our ransom has been paid in full. Join us for “Hostage” and discover how to truly “break free”, once and for all, from the ties that bind.”

I challenge you to not miss this Sunday or any of this series. I also challenge you to invite everyone God brings across your path this week! Our entire community needs to hear about the love, power, & help Jesus wants to provide in our lives to enable us to break free from the things that hold us hostage.

Seriously, care enough about the people God brings across your path – to get them here for this series! (Please check out our Eagle Pointe Facebook page for videos, etc. which you can share with your friends)

I look forward to seeing you & the people you bring with you this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe!


One response

  1. Please make sure to get this one recorded! I won’t be able to attend service (in the baby room and can’t do both services) but I NEED this one!

    September 17, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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