Random thoughts on Life, Leadership, & Messy Spirituality

“HOSTAGE” continues this Sunday!

What an amazing kick-off to our “Hostage” series this past Sunday at Eagle Pointe! SO MANY people choosing to let go of & break free of the bitterness that was holding them hostage. SO MANY people letting it go & giving it to God. I LOVE seeing so many people committing their lives to Christ & making big-time spiritual decisions in their lives! GO GOD!!!

This Sunday Sept. 26th we will continue this series & I will be teaching on “Breaking Free from Worry”. With everything going on in our country & world, there is a lot that has people fearful & worried. I cannot encourage you enough to not miss this Sunday @ Eagle Pointe.

I also cannot encourage you enough to care about the people you know, & the people God will bring across your path this week, to invite them to come this Sunday. EVERYBODY is a little fearful & worried on some level nowadays – finances, jobs, health, kids, etc. The topic – “Breaking Free from Worry” – is a great excuse to go nuts inviting people. Take advantage of that!

I look forward to seeing you & the people you bring with you this Sunday!


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