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ServeMob – A Revolution Against “Me”

John Wesley once said – “Do all the good you can – By all the means you can – In all the ways you can – In all the places you can – At all the times you can – To all the people you can – As long as ever you can.”

That goes against pretty much everything our world & society tells us. Our society today is so consumed with me, me, I, I, mine, mine – what’s in it for me? And what have you done for me lately? For the most part – we are a completely self absorbed society. Which is why most people are so unhappy – trying to drink or medicate their unhappiness away – and half of our country is on depression medicine – right?

But then along comes Jesus who says “NO!” – if you want a real – meaningful – fulfilled – happy – and satisfied life —- forget about you! Don’t focus on you – instead focus on God – and focus on other people & helping them.

And that has been a big part of where this idea for ServeMob came from. We have SO MANY people in our community, area, & in our local colleges who have been told their whole lives that the key to real happiness is to focus on themselves. What can I do for me? What can I get? What can I achieve? And as a result they are living, for the most part, unhappy, unsatisfying, & unfulfilled lives.

Well, today we are starting a revolution! A revolution against “me”! We want to use social media (Twitter & Facebook) to mobilize an army of volunteers to help the poor, the less fortunate, the hurting, the lonely, & the suffering that is way too commonplace in our area, country, & world today.

Here’s the basic premise of ServeMob – Think “Flash Mob”  with the focus being on serving and helping others. Each month we announce projects in our local communities where people can just “show up and serve“. We’ll offer opportunities to help at homeless shelters, children’s homes, & many other local projects. (Heck – we may even do a flash mob on occasion just to shake things up & have some fun!)

Please join & help us spread this revolution – by following @ServeMob on Twitter & checking out the ServeMob Facebook page for more info about upcoming projects.


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