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House Angels – Leaders Needed

For those of you not familiar with House Angels, this is a ministry birthed here at Eagle Pointe which does home repairs/ improvements to the homes of single moms, senior citizens, & struggling families. The idea came out of our Faith in Action Sunday’s where we would take on several local mission projects & mobilize volunteers to help at each location. Some of those locations have always been helping fix up the homes single moms, senior citizens, & struggling families. However, the desire was to offer more than two times a year to do this type of work. Thus the idea of House Angels was born.

A few times a year through House Angels we head out & repair decks, roofs, stairs; we do minor electrical work, yardwork, & basic handyman type projects. The people/ families we help are not physically or financially able to do these much needed repairs to their home. It has been amazing to see the results from this ministry – so many people/families being impacted by the love of Jesus through people serving them in real, practical & tangible ways; so many of them giving God & church a try for the 1st time or the 1st time in many years; so many people who are not Christians or in church coming & working alongside us & being impacted by the experience. It has truly been a blessing to all involved.

House Angels is now branching out with “chapters” in several other churches. The dream is to have this ministry operating in 100’s of churches all over the country. What a great way to help people & churches get outside the walls of their churches & serve their community.

Here’s where the “Leaders Needed” part comes in

Some of the people who were leading our House Angels “chapter” here at Eagle Pointe are now going to be focusing most of their efforts on helping develop this ministry in other churches. They will still “assist” with our local House Angels, but will not be able to be the ones primarily leading & coordinating here at Eagle Pointe.

SO – we need some people who have a heart for this kind of ministry to step up & help lead it. We have people who can train you in how it is being done currently. We need people to lead in all kinds of capacities: helping organize work projects, recruiting volunteers, rounding up donations & supplies, etc. (* NOTE: Our goal is to do 3 – 4 of these projects a year. This will not be a weekly or monthly commitment.)

***If you think this might be something you are interested in being a part of, I invite you to join me for a House Angels Meeting on Saturday Oct. 23rd – 9AM here at Eagle Pointe.

BTW: Hopefully you’ve already read my BLOG POST ABOUT “SERVEMOB –  the plan is that @ServeMob would be the vehicle through which our church does local mission projects at Children’s Homes, Homeless Shelters, and other community service type projects. House Angels would be the vehicle through which our church does local mission projects that focus on the homes of single moms, senior citizens, & struggling families.

My belief, hope, & prayer is that House Angels & ServeMob would really help us mobilize Eagle Pointe’rs, as well as our community, to get out & serve the world we live in.


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